Keeping it short again, if only because of the dismal markets. An update on Arix, Arbrook on Prologis and Killik introduces Silka
We’re still probably mired in gloom but there are some signs of hope. Except if you are into meme stocks.
Why the stories we tell ourselves matter, and the investment implications of higher inflation. Further reading for the weekend
Another combined report after the May bank holiday. More sombre stuff about markets (expect worse to come) plus why Irish banks look cheap and keeping…
Will central London be underwater, decision making and geopolitics, the new space economy and a new nukes ETF. Weekend further reading…
Alphabet, Spotify and Discount dogs in investment trust land
Plus international travel in the doldrums, the digitisation of everything and the investment dashboard flashes bright red - but note the low PE on the…
A bumper package of interesting weekend reading material….with a slightly historical tilt this time....and only one piece on Ukraine (phew)
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