Another shorter set of ideas – markets are still looking toppy to me. Beyond that I look at the various fund options to buy into the semiconductor…
Thinking through the investing scenarios if interest rates stay high for longer – what’s your view? Please do vote in my poll on likely scenarios!
A weighty report on Fintech, why rewilding has massive practical challenges, and the Arab world embraces the Great Replacement Theory
Given that I am still fairly bearish I don’t have lots of new ideas this week, but I do have some notes on existing themes plus a new zero dividend…
The Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook is back plus why we need to increase spending on Ukraine by a substantial quantum
Plus attack of the kilelr Nimbys, the China pivot and deadly AI
Investment ideas: Vietnam, healthcare and ChrysalisListen now (32 min) | Adventurous in Conversation catches up with Craig Martin on Vietnam. Plus a new addition to my Alt Funds trading list and calling…
Maybe my take on US corporate earnings is too cynical. Markets looks average in terms of valuation if we assume only a slowdown
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